Body Sculpture BE-7300G Elliptical Trainer.

Buy the Body Sculpture BE-7300G Elliptical Trainer, its a High Tech Cross Trainer with designer good looks and Free Delivery.

This beautiful looking High Tec Cross Trainer is an all in one design exactly the same as the cross trainers you find at the gym, if you're serious about your fitness then this beautiful looking cross trainer is the one to buy.

Body Sculpture BE-7300G Elliptical Trainer, Hi Tech Cross Trainer

Hi Tech Cross Trainer.

This High Tec cross trainer uses a magnetic resistance system to provide the resistance to your stepping, magnetic resistance is totally quiet and does not produce vibration which might causes knocking sounds on some floor types, so if you want a quiet and vibration free cross trainer then this is the Hi Tech cross trainer to buy.

Theres a colour touch screen computer which makes it very easy to enter your details and display the calories burned, heart rate, distance and time remaining.

Choose from 22 different exercise programs and set the resistance levels directly from the computer screen for total ease of use, with the touch screen your getting live data about your progress, your heart rate is displayed on screen and the exercise programs can auto adjust themselves to take account of your changing heart rate by increasing the effort require4d or reducing the effort required.

Just hold the hand pulse sensors on the handlebars and they will automatically convert your pulse reading into a heart rate and display your heart rate on screen and all you need to do is hold the handlebars, there's even transport wheels on the front of the cross trainer, so simply raise one end of the cross trainer and you can easily wheel the cross trainer around your home or wheel it into a corner for easy storage out of the way when not being used.

Two sets of handlebars are included so you can vary your exercise by using either the fixed handlebars or the moving handlebars, some people like fixed handlebars as they provide more security if you're worried about falling off whilst others like moving handlebars for that increased level of cardio vascular exercise.
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