Body Sculpture BC4630 Indoor Racing Bike.

Buy the Body Sculpture BC4630 Indoor Racing Bike the Static Cycle for Keep Fit at Home.

This very stylish indoor racing bike is ideal for anyone who has tried spinning classes at the gym, now you can own your very own spinning cycle for use at home, the bright orange colouring and white stripes create a truly stunning looking spinning bike that will be a real pleasure to use.
Body Sculpture BC4630 Indoor Racing Bike, Static Cycle.

Static Cycle.

The Body Sculpture BC4630 Indoor Racing Bike features a large 13kg flywheel which is chain driven from the pedals just like a real road racing bike, so you get as closed as possible to the actual feel of a road racing bike, the large flywheel provides stability and low noise making the static racing bike as responsive as a road racing bike.

The pedals offer professional grip and have an adjustable foot cage, your feet won't be slipping out of these hi tech pedals, just below the handlebar post is a tension knob, which is quick and easy to make adjustments as your cycling, just turn the tension knob clockwise with one hand to increase the resistance, increase how hard it is to pedal and turn the resistance knob the other direction to make it easier to pedal and lower the resistance.

Uniquely the handlebars have elbow pads built in because in the race position your always brushing or knocking your elbows on the handlebars and with soft rubber elbow pads on the handlebars which gently hold and secure your elbows you won't suffer handlebar knocks or scrapes anymore.

There's a multi-function cycling computer mounted at an angle on the handlebars so it's in the perfect position to easily see the display when you're in racing position, the computer will even calculate the calories you have burned whilst you have been cycling which is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight or follow a calorie controlled diet.
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