AirKing Rectangular 8 x 12ft Trampoline.

Buy the AirKing Rectangular 8 x 12ft Trampoline, this Best Performance Trampoline is a professional rectangular trampoline with safety enclosure.

If you see trampolining on television, it's always on a rectangular trampoline and that's because rectangular trampolines have the highest bounce of any shape trampoline.

AirKing Rectangular 8 x 12ft Best Performance Trampoline

Best Performance Trampoline.

If you want to keep fit or even try some acrobatics on your trampoline then your going to need a rectangular trampoline for the best bounce and for your children the rectangular trampoline has a safety enclosure which completely surrounds the trampoline and has no gaps so children can't get trapped or fall.

This rectangular trampoline is an outdoor trampoline that you can leave outside all year long the trampoline mat is woven polypropylene which not only gives great bounce when coupled with the stainless steel springs but is also easy draining so when it rains the water passes through the trampoline mat and the mat dries out quickly so as soon as the rain stops you and the children can be back on the trampoline bouncing.

With 10 rows of perimeter stitching the trampoline won't wear out fall apart, so round the trampoline where the springs are attached to the trampoline mat your find not one, two, three or four rows of stitching but 10 rows of stitching securing the springs to the trampoline.

With a maximum trampoline user weight of 24 stone everyone can bounce on the trampoline together and if your overweight yourself and looking to use a trampoline for exercise your find a rectangular trampoline has the best bounce characteristics and will easily support your weight.

Leave the trampoline outside in the garden all year, the rectangular trampoline won't rust as the trampoline frame is made from galvanised steel and the trampoline mat and safety enclosure are made from UV protected materials so they won't fade or crack in the sun.
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