AirKing Rectangular 7 x 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

AirKing Rectangular 7 x 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Don't Be Square, Get A Rectangular Trampoline.

Most trampolines are round so why would you want a rectangular one, well two reasons firstly because everyone else has a round trampoline hehe and secondly because rectangular trampolines have a higher bounce than round trampolines, I mean have you ever seen trampolinists (if that's the word) on the telly on a round trampoline, no they all have rectangular trampolines because you get a bigger bounce.
AirKing Rectangular 7 x 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Don't Be Square.

Don't Be Square, Get A Rectangular Trampoline.

You get a bigger bounce on a rectangular trampoline because the shape of the rectangular frame (er, that will be rectangular then) provides a more rigid structure for the springs to be mounted onto so like those bed adverts you don't get any roll together when bouncing, if you have bounced on a round trampoline you will have noticed that there not really that bouncy especially on the edges only the lucky person in the middle can bounce high and those on either side just find themselves falling onto the person in the middle when the middle person bounces (roll together), well you don't get these problems on a rectangular trampoline due to the rigid shape.

Trampolines also fit better into gardens, unless your garden is round that is but mostly peoples gardens are square or rectangular which better fits a trampoline and you have more options for dragging it around your garden as it will fit into more corners than a round trampoline because hehe, round trampolines don't have corners.

The safety foam on the trampoline poles that hold the safety enclosure up are bright yellow in colour just to remind you that they are there and not to go bouncing on the poles, if you do the safety foam on the poles and the safety padding on the trampoline edge should stop you committing Harry Carry (hara-kiri is a Japanese form of ritual suicide - no offence meant).

There's a trampoline ladder too for the kids and those adults who are vertically challenged and need a hand up onto the trampoline.

The trampoline comes with free delivery, all the tools you need to assemble, full instructions a 5 year frame warranty and a 1 year all the other bits warranty.
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