AirKing Pro 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Buy the AirKing Pro 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, it's a Top of the Range, Bestselling Trampoline and is a bargain now it has been reduced in price by nearly 50%.

You get free delivery too and a free trampoline ladder for climbing in and out of the trampoline with ease plus a free safety enclosure which is secured around the trampoline edge and prevents anyone falling out of the trampoline when they are bouncing.

AirKing Pro 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Top of the Range Trampoline

Top of the Range Trampoline.

With a 10 foot diameter trampoline you and your children will have room to bounce around, enough room to bounce with their friends too and with a maximum trampoline user weight of 24 stone everyone can use the trampoline together, if you want to keep fit this 10ft trampoline is excellent for losing weight as trampolining is one of the best forms of cardio vascular exercise you can do as both your arms and legs are in use at the same time.

The AirKing Pro 10ft trampoline is excellent for toning your legs, bottom and thighs, its all good fun and never has exercising been so much fun, and the children will love the trampoline too as they can bounce up and down or just sit in the trampoline talking to their friends.

When it rains as it may well do in England you won't be missing your trampoline for too long as the trampoline mat is made from a polypropylene weave which allows water to pass straight through the trampoline mat, so as soon as it stops raining the trampoline mat will dry out and your be bouncing again in no time at all.

There's 4 double legs on this 10ft trampoline which gives excellent stability, the four double legs has eight supports in total so you won't get any wobble or vibration from this trampoline and you can use the trampoline on sand, soil, wood chippings, grass, wooded decking, concrete, cement, tarmac and soft touch surface.

80 springs coupled with the trampoline mat which is made of polypropylene ensure there's lots of bounce in this trampoline all the metal parts are guaranteed to be free from rust for 5 years even if you leave the trampoline outside year after year and the trampoline surface is guaranteed for one year, the trampoline surface uses 10 rows of stitching where the springs are joined to the trampoline surface so the trampoline will never break or tear as there's not one, or two or three layers of stitching but 10 layers of stitching providing a very secure and safe trampoline.

The springs are hidden underneath a a foam mat so if you fall on the side of the trampoline the soft foam mat will ensure you don't hurt yourself as will the safety enclosure which surrounds the trampoline.
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