AirKing Oval 15 x 10ft Professional Trampoline.

Buy the AirKing Oval 15 x 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure it's a professional trampoline in a space saving design.

If your looking for a professional trampoline that has the best safety features like a fully enclosed safety enclosure and 112 high bounce steel springs in a space saving oval design then the AirKing Oval Trampoline is for you.

AirKing Oval 15 x 10ft Professional Trampoline

Space Saving Design.

If you have a narrow garden that's longer than it is wide, then an ocal trampoline is the only sensible choice, it won't completely fill your garden and its not too small that you and the children won't have a great time.

The AirKing 10ft Trampoline is a bestselling trampoline at the top of the range and with the new lower price this trampoline is a bargain as its now for sale at half price.

For added safety the safety enclosure joins the base of the trampoline with no gaps so there are no areas that child can trap themselves and cause injury, only buy a trampoline with a full safety enclosure like this to protect your children.

There's a door in the safety enclosure that completely surrounds the trampoline, the fabric door has toggle buttons so for added safety the door can be closed when children are bouncing and yet its quick and easy to undo the toggles for exit.

As well as free delivery a ladder is included free of charge, the ladder will help smaller children easily climb up the ladder and onto or off the trampoline.

The strong trampoline is made from 2.5mm thick galvanised steel which has a unique no weld design which means the steel frame won't rust and will last for many years.

The oval trampoline has 112 springs that's a lot of springs all providing lots of bounce for a fun and enjoyable trampoline and for added safety these springs have a foam spring padding over them which is secured by clips, so if you or your children bounce on the springs rather than the main trampoline surface they will be protected by the safety covering.
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