AirKing Oval 11 x 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Looking for a Professional Trampoline then buy the AirKing Oval 11 x 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure for professional performance in a space saving design, which round trampolines offer a good space saving design the bounce you get on a round trampoline is actually quite bad that's why all the professional trampoline clubs use rectangular trampolines to give th best bounce, this is because rectangular trampolines keep the trampoline surface tight without sagging whilst round trampolines allow the trampoline surface to sag, only octagonal trampolines whose shape after all is that of a rectangle combined with a circle offer great bounce on a space saving shape.

If your short of space in your garden but want a quality trampoline that will fit well into your garden then consider the AirKing Oval 11 x 8ft Trampoline you get a free safety enclosure that completely surrounds your trampoline and prevents children from falling out the trampoline onto the floor, even if children jump directly on the safely enclosure or safety fence they will be gently bounced back from the wall.

AirKing Oval 11 x 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Professional Performance

Professional Performance.

The trampoline uses safety pads over the springs so if you fall you won't get hurt and safety foam on the enclosure surrounding the trampoline.

With 60 high bounce springs and a trampoline base material made of a highly elastic polypropylene weave that lets water straight through the weave and dries quickly after raining so your children are back outside as soon as its finished raining.

The trampoline frame is guaranteed for 5 years against rust or corrosion and the trampoline mat is guaranteed for 12 months and is very strong as it uses 10 rows of stitching to attach the springs to the matt, with so many layers of stitching its no wonder that this professional trampoline has lasted so well.
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