AirKing Lite 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Buy the AirKing Lite 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, a Very Large Trampoline for sale at Half Price.

This trampoline is now for sale at half its original price and comes with free delivery too as well as a free ladder so climbing in and out of the trampoline and a free safety enclosure for attaching round the sides of the trampoline, the safety enclosure stops you falling off the trampoline.

AirKing Lite 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Very Large Trampoline

Very Large Trampoline.

As well as great deal on this 14ft trampoline you also get the trusted AirKing brand, AirKing are major suppliers of brand name trampolines in the UK, don't buy a unknown brand trampoline when you need a trampoline your know is safe for your children, with free ladders and free safety enclosure you're in good hands with AirKing.

With a maximum trampoline user weight of 16 stone everyone can use the AirKing 14ft trampoline, if your overweight and worried that bouncing on a trampoline may damage the trampoline or injure yourself don't be, the trampoline mat will support your weight no matter how hard you exercise, just jump up and down to get a good cardiovascular exercise that will see you losing pounds quickly, and its fun too, in fact probably the only exercise you can do whilst laughing.

With four double legs you can place this 14ft trampoline on a variety of surfaces from soil, sand, paving slap, wood, grass, concrete, wood chippings, cement and tarmac to name but a few of the more popular trampoline bases.

14ft is a truly massive size trampoline, your easily get the whole family bouncing or sitting on the trampoline and your children will enjoy having their friends over to bounce on the trampoline, trampolines make great parties.

The springs are covered with a safety mat so your safety is assured at all times, if you bounce on top of the springs you won't hurt yourself as the safety mat will keep you protected and the safety enclosure will gently guide you back to the middle of the trampoline.
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