AirKing Lite 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Buy the AirKing Lite 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, these Trampolines with Enclosures come with Free Delivery and are now for sale at a much reduced price making these 12ft trampolines a bargain.

Buy a 12 foot trampoline there's lots of room for you and the family to bounce and play on the trampoline, ideal for exercise and keeping fit by trampolining as its a great form of cardiovascular exercise and will help weight loss as well as tone your legs and bum.

AirKing Lite 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Trampolines with Enclosures

Trampolines with Enclosures.

With a maximum user weight of 16 stone all the family can use the trampoline without worrying about being to heavy for then trampoline, there's a 5 year warrenty on the trampoline frame so you can leave the trampoline outside all year round and not worry about rust or the trampoline deteriorating.

With 4 double legs this 12 foot trampoline can be used on sand, soil, grass, wood, decking, concrete, paving slabs, wood chipping, concrete and tarmac so whatever surface you have in your garden.

Therese a enclosure that fits all around the trampoline to prevent anyone falling out of the trampoline whilst bouncing, this safety enclosure will keep you safe even if trampolining gets a little wild with all the children bouncing around.

With 72 high bounce springs its easy to get a good bounce and jump on this 12ft trampoline, and because its a large trampoline all your friends can be bouncing together for a more fun time.

Delivered free of charge by courier to your home, the trampoline is easy to setup in your garden and will only take an hour, the simple tools needed for assembly are provided free of charge.

Everyone's buying a garden trampoline these days, so why not get a trampoline that's better than the neighbours and will stay looking good for many years to come.

There's even a trampoline ladder included free of charge so you can easily climb into or out of the trampoline, perfect for children who would otherwise have trouble climbing in and out of the trampoline.
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