AirKing Classic 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

AirKing Classic 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the Grandparents Trampoline a Trampoline For Your Grandchildren.

If your a grandparent you might be wondering how to keep the grandchildren entertained when they are visiting your house, have a look at the AirKing Classic 8ft Trampoline this trampoline is safe as it comes with a safety enclosure and from a respected brand plus its great value for money and even included free delivery and a five year warranty.
AirKing Classic 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Grandparents Trampoline.

Grandparents Trampoline, Trampoline For Your Grandchildren.

Your grandchildren will love to play on a trampoline and granny and granddads house, trampolines are lots of fun only take up a small space out in the garden and all your grandchildren can play at once.

When you buy the trampoline for your grandchildren your get free delivery by courier the box containing the trampoline parts will be delivered and it will need assembly in the garden, assembly time is approximately one hour and whilst one person can assemble the trampoline on their own it is advisable to have two people assembling the trampoline as one person can hold the parts whilst the other fastens them.

You don't need many tools to assemble the trampoline but everything you do need is included in the trampoline box along with instructions written in English by an English speaker so there will be no confusion with poor translations and there are pictures too illustrating the various stages and what the trampoline should look like at each stage.

Once assembled you can leave the trampoline out in the garden year after year it will not rust and the materials will not degrade in sun or rain.

The trampoline won't ruin granny and granddads lawn either as the trampoline legs are wide and stable and sit on top of the grass rather than digging in, you can in fact drag the trampoline around your garden quite easily as the large leg slide on top of the grass.
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