AirKing Classic 15ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

AirKing Classic 15ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the Heavy Duty Trampoline For Heavy Duty Adults Too.

The AirKing Classic 15ft Trampoline is an outdoor trampoline that's designed for both children and adults indeed with a 24 stone maximum weight or 150kg if you have gone all metric the heaviest of adults can bounce too, whether you see yourself bouncing gracefully like a swan or more like a lead balloon you can have fun with the kids and that's what its all about.
AirKing Classic 15ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Heavy Duty Trampoline.

Heavy Duty Trampoline, For Heavy Duty Adults Too.

The trampoline has a safety enclosure that's posh for a fence that goes all the way round the edge of the trampoline and keeps the kids and the adults safely inside the trampoline whilst the children bounce and the adults try to shift the earth from its geostationary orbit by bouncing too.

There's a five year warranty on the frame of the trampoline against rust because apparently it rains in England (who would have thought) and the rest of the trampoline has a one year warranty in case anything goes wrong.

The trampoline comes with full instructions and should take one hour to assemble it might take longer if your have a particularly slow day and its recommended that 2 or 3 people help to assemble the trampoline as its big.

Delivery is free and the trampoline is delivered by courier flat packed (because you can't get a fully assembled 15ft trampoline on the back of a post office van).

The trampoline mat that's the bit that you do all the bouncing on is secured to the trampoline frame thats the bit that you don't want to be bouncing on although if you do there's safety padding which will stop you hurting yourself, on the trampoline mat are v-rings that you connect the springs to using a special tool that comes with the trampoline, these v-rings are secured to the trampoline with ten rows of stitching I tell you that so you can see how strong the trampoline is when even the stitching is done 10 times for strength.

With free delivery and a generous 5 year warranty on the frame your enjoy bouncing on the trampoline as much as the kids.
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