AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Buy a Top of the Range trampoline like the AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, its a large size trampoline that's waterproof too as the rain passes straight through the trampoline bouncing mat so the trampoline is ready to use again straight after it's finished raining.

At 14 feet in diameter this large trampoline is larger than two adults lying end to end so there's plenty of room for you and the children to bounce and have lots of fun.

AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Top of the Range

Top of the Range Trampoline.

The bounce of this large trampoline is provided by 96 stainless steel highbounce springs coupled with a polypropylene mat whose elastic properties add to the overall bounce of the trampoline.

This large trampoline comes with a full 12 months warranty, your unlikely to have any problems though, firstly the trampoline is rust proof with all metal parts either stainless steel or galvanised to protect against rust and the materials used are air-permeable and UV light resistant so colours won't fade and materials won't crack, also the trampoline springs are secured to the trampoline mat with 10 rows of stitching so the mat won't ever tear or spilt like some inferior trampolines.

As well as a 12 month warranty of the trampoline there is an additional 5 year warranty on the frame, AirKing are that sure that the trampoline frame won't rust or break no matter how long you leave it outside.

A ladder and safety enclosure are provided free of charge as is free delivery, the ladder will help your children to easily and safely climb in and out of the trampoline without feeling the need to jump off or climb and possibly injure themselves, also this large trampoline comes with a safety enclosure which is a fence made out of strong material that fits all around the trampoline and keeps your children safely inside the trampoline without falling out no matter how close to the edges they bounce.
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