AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Looking for a Discounted Price Trampoline then buy the AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, your also get free delivery to your home so no expensive couriers to pay and with this 12ft trampoline your also get a trampoline ladder so it's easy to climb in and out of the trampoline no matter how big or small you are.

If you're looking for a top spec trampoline with many special features like high bounce springs for greater bouncing height, polypropylene woven trampoline mat that is resistant to degradation by sunlight and that lets water through so the trampoline mat won't get waterlogged when it rains and four double trampoline legs for stability on a wide range of soils and materials including sand, soil, grass, decking, concrete, slaps, cement, wood and shingle then look no further than the AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline.

AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Discounted Price

Discounted Price.

This is a smart looking trampoline that's well made and even has a nice AirKing logo in white on the trampoline surface, the trampoline mat is coloured black with blue safety mats covering the springs and a black safety netting with bright yellow safety net poles so they can be easily seen, it's a very nice looking trampoline.

If you have ever looked at your neighbours trampolines in their gardens you have probably seen poorly put together trampolines that are falling apart where they stand, not only is this unsafe but its also unsightly in their gardens, with the AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline you get a very well constructed trampoline that fits together beautifully with the supplied assembly tool, no other tools or special skills are required to assemble the trampoline, just follow the instructions and images showing you the next stage and in about one hour you will assembled your very own trampoline.

The AirKing Classic 12ft trampoline with safety enclosure is waterproof featuring a polypropylene weave rubber mat which actually lets rain water pass through the rubber mats surface so the mat stays dry and will be dry immediately after rain so the children can start playing again on the trampoline as soon as its stopped raining.

The trampoline mat is also resistant to rot and mildew and won't get waterlogged either as the trampoline mat is self draining thanks to the polypropylene weave, the trampoline mat is also UV protected against damage by sunlight (Ultra Violet radiation) which would normally cause discolouration and materials to become brittle and crack but don't worry as the polypropylene mat is resistant to all types of weather and can be left outside in the rain year in and year out.

The large trampoline legs ensure that the trampoline does not sink into the ground and can be placed on grass, soil, sand, concrete, paving slabs, wooden decking, tarmac and bark chippings and the large legs will remain stable sitting on top of the surface rather than sinking in which on a lawn is ideal as you won't get lawn damage from the AirKing Classic 12ft trampoline.

Because the trampoline has large legs that sit on top of the grass you can slide the trampoline around on the lawn which makes it easy to move when you want to mow underneath the trampoline because the grass or weeds have grown up underneath.

The trampoline frame is resistant to corrosion and has a five year anti-rust warranty.

Eighty high bounce zinc plated springs work in unison with the trampoline mat to create a high bounce for both adults and kids and these springs are fasten to the trampoline mat using v-rings which are sewn into the trampoline surface with ten rows or perimeter stitching whilst AirKings competition will rarely use more than five rows of stitching you can see how much stronger AirKing trampolines are than the nearest brand.
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