Air League 5ft Air Hockey Table.

Air League 5ft Air Hockey Table With Air Motor, Two Pushers and Four Pucks, Table With Legs.

If you like to play air hockey where you flick a switch on the table and motor powers up pushing air through holes in the air hockey table so you can hold your pusher and striker the puck with your pusher to score with up to four people playing as there are four pushers and two pucks then this air hockey table is the one to buy.
Air League 5ft Air Hockey Table, With Air Motor, Two Pushers, Four Pucks.

With Air Motor, Two Pushers, Four Pucks, Table With Legs.

The table has legs you don't need to stand this air hockey machine on anything as its built into its own table there's a slide scorer where you slide the scorer as someone gets a goal and that's built into the table too.

The air hockey table is solid with large stable legs the table won't wobble or fall over no matter how vigorous the gaming gets its an ideal game for the whole family as its fast paced and action packed the air comes up through holes in the table and makes the puck and pushers slide really fast on the table as the air flow reduces the resistance of the puck and pusher.

The table is 5 feet in length that's 1.5 meters so you're not all squashed around a small table, the table top itself has the hockey field drawn on it and has a grey colour field with a circle marking where you should start the game by putting your pushers on the circle, the table has a rim to hold the pushers and pucks on the table so they don't fly off when you strike.

The pushers are red in colour and are large and easy to hold making them ideal for children and easy to hold for adults too the table edge is blue in colour with smart black wooden legs and frame.

This air hockey table is delivered free of charge and comes with a standard one year warranty.
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