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Buy Fitness Equipment like the BodyTrain K855 Strider Treadmill it's all you need to get started and costs less than one hundred pounds and has a unique folding design where the folding treadmill folds flat and can even be stored under your bed.

Or how about the ever popular and bestselling BodyTrain T1000 Treadmill at just over two hundred pounds you get a body fat calculator on the treadmill as well as a treadmill computer with 12 different exercise programmes to choose from as well as a heart rate sensor built into the handlebars to measure your pulse and adjust your exercise programme automatically.
Cheap Treadmills

Cheap Treadmills and Home Fitness Equipment.

It's not only cheap treadmills that you can buy here but cheap exercise equipment too from all the major manufacturers like Rowing Machines from Cintura Sports like the ever popular Oxford 8000 rowing machine at less than 200 pounds with free delivery and a one year warranty. This rowing machine is foldable too and can be folded up so it will fit in your car boot or easily stored at home.

You can buy the Oxford 8000 rowing machine in black or red colours so there's a rowing machine for all tastes or how about the Body Sculpture BR-3150HKO-H rowing machine with heart rate monitor, just by holding the rowing machine handle your heart rate will be displayed on the screen along with your pulse so it's a great way to see how much effort your making as you exercise.

Back to treadmills now and for a treadmill that will measure your body fat as well as show you your heart rate and time remaining to exercise consider the BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill, for a folding treadmill where you don't have to lift a finger to fold the treadmill so it takes up less space look at hydraulic folding treadmills like the TrackSpeed3000 treadmill which has a large running belt so you won't find yourself wobbling or falling off.

If you like running uphill then buy the BodyTrain Endurance Treadmill which can offer a 15% gradient for both running and walking as well as a special low noise DC motor, so if you're struggling with a noisy treadmill buy a new treadmill and be able to run without upsetting the neighbours.

For those worried or unsure about running on a treadmill buy the York Heritage t101 treadmill which as well as the normal big red emergency stop button on the dashboard also has a emergency stop key on a cord, simply hold the cord in your hand as you run or walk or attach the cord to your clothes or wrist and should you fall off or lose your balance the cord will pull the emergency stop key out stopping the treadmill straight away.

People who want a very hard wearing treadmill or who want a strong treadmill should buy the TrackSpeed4500 treadmill which is semi-commercial grade and comes with built in speakers for CD/MP3 input so you can listen to music as you run without having to have trailing headphone cables getting in your way or tripping you up.

As well as exercise equipment for the home you can buy a full range of trampolines for the garden, here AirKing are the market leaders with a range of bestselling trampolines of all shapes and sizes with professional trampolines with the highest bounce to family trampolines that are great for all shapes and sizes of garden and can be used by the whole family as you can buy trampolines in a full range of weight limits suitable for all sizes of adult.

For a great deal on a 15ft trampoline that costs less than 300 pounds and comes with free delivery and a 5 year warranty buy the AirKing Oval 15 x 10ft trampoline with safety enclosure, you get free next day delivery so you and your children will be bouncing on the trampoline the very next day.

Or how about a 14ft trampoline that children and adults can both use and has a maximum user weight of 24 stone and so is ideal for childrens parties or just when the adults want a go too, its the AirKing Pro 14ft trampoline with safety enclosure, you get a free weather cover and a free ladder to help smaller children climb up.

As well as round trampolines you can buy octagonal trampolines that fit better in smaller gardens and oval trampolines which offer the best and highest bounce, all sizes of trampoline are available including 11ft trampolines that are ideal for families to 12ft trampolines that mean your childrens friends can all bounce on the trampoline too, 9ft trampolines and 6ft trampolines for smaller gardens or where you don't want the trampoline extending out over all the garden.

10ft trampolines are ideal where you want a middle sized trampoline that costs under 200 pounds and has free delivery like the AirKing Pro 10ft trampoline with safety enclosure, for smaller trampolines and even indoor trampolines buy the AirKing Mini 5ft trampoline which can be purchased with or without a safety enclosure.

You can buy exercise bikes too like the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike which is only just above the 50 pounds mark for a brand new exercise bike with free delivery its an amazingly low price and even includes a 5 function training computer, for under 100 pounds you can buy the Powertech Pegasus exercise bike with magnetic resistance which is a beautiful looking exercise bike with colours white and grey a real designer exercise bike that would look great in any home.

Or buy the ever popular Cintura Tempest programmable magnetic exercise bike that has pulse sensors on the handlebars for measuring your heartrate and 21 computer controlled exercise programs that can be automatically adjusted by the bikes computer depending on your current heart rate, making the exercise easier or harder.

For those who want a spinning bike just like they use at the gym then buy the Cintura Sports Racing Bike with heavy duty 20kg flywheel for speed and stability, made from high grade steel its immensely strong and comes with free next day delivery.

For elliptical cross trainers your find prices starting as low as 80 pounds for the Cintura650 elliptical cross trainer that has dual action handlebars and heart rate monitors, or for around the 100 pound mark there's the Cintura2000 elliptical cross trainer with a large 10kg flywheel for very smooth cross training.

The very quiet magnetic resistance cross trainer the Cintura Tempest elliptical cross trainer can even measure your body fat making it an ideal cross trainer for monitoring your exercise and lose weight goals, for exercise training programmes you can alter yourself to tailor them to your own exercise goals buy the Powertech Hurricane magnetic elliptical cross trainer.
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